With the start of the next sand sculpting season right at our doorstep, I felt the drive to share the last piece I made in my little studio. I guess I had been feeling rather down about sand sculpting as of late, in some respect it is not considered the art form I intended it on being.

I intended my sand sculptures to be a display how we are made of such fragile things but the sum of these fragile things amounts to a strong movement of emotion and perception. More than this, sand sculpting was almost a living analogy of spiritual reincarnation. The idea that my sand sculptures were in fact things that had lives of their own, each one giving rise to the next and when considered all together, they were the sum of my own self.

I have in some respect failed to deliver this message. I feel that most people look at my art and just the idea of making something out of sand gives people a little shock, like “wow I can’t believe you can make something out of sand”. I understand it is shocking, but I just wish I could describe the whole art as it is to me… Well at least in not as many words as this.

Nonetheless here is my piece “Disconnected”, a depiction of one who has tried to stretch past the upper limits of their design.

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