The Sands of Victory

That all elusive feeling of victory that slips between our fingers. Maybe you were the queen who lost it all and has to face her assailant with dignity, or perhaps you were the underdog who conquered. In the end of the day we face the all important question, “was it worth the battle in the first place?”

This is another 10 tonne sand sculpture made from my little studio here in Melbourne. I work here in Australia most of the year, however I do travel around the place quite a bit. Sand sculpting is more than just a hobby to me, it is my livelihood and my passion. To me the idea that sand can change shape and expression, never have I faced the same pile of sand to uncover a sculpture I have already faced. It is the unique nature that keeps me carving, travelling and enjoying the magic of the day.

If you like my art feel free to follow my blog here, or my facebook page. I am especially open to other forms of art and if you are interested in networking and sharing work, you can reach me on my contact page.

Love Natalia Kamenakaia

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